Q: Do I have to be able to ride a bicycle?
A: YES!!!! keep in mind….
you never forget how to ride a bicycle.

Q: How old do I need to be to take the class?
A: 15.5 yrs old with a DMV issued Drivers Learners Permit (for a car)

Q: Do I have to do anything special if I am under 18 years old?
A: YES you do! DOWNLOAD and PRINT the waiver for you and your parent or legal guardian to read through ahead of time.  You MUST have this hold harmless waiver signed by one of them, in person, at the beginning of the class.  If “in person” is not possible, their signature must be notarized on this form and brought with you to class. This can be done at most banks for a very small fee.
Download The Waiver Here

Q: Do I need my motorcycle “temps” (learner’s permit) in order to take the class?
A: NO. we do all our riding/range time on private property. This way you can go to the DMV once you have passed the evaluation.

Q: Do I get my Motorcycle Driver’s license from this class?
A: Successful completion of the class, includes a “Skill Test Waiver” that you will take to the DMV and receive your “M” endorsement for your license.  SHORT ANSWER, YES you do.

Q: Do I have to take the DMV written test after this course?
A: YES, you do.

Q: What if I live in Illinois or another State?
A: Partial bad news there, You will get the insurance discount if avail from your Insurer, BUT not the your States “M” endorsement.

Q: What if all I want to ride is a scooter and not a “real” motorcycle?
A: 2 parts: You can take the regular Basic Riders Course and get your “M” endorsement, that you need to ride a scooter over 50cc OR Take a scooter only BRC (or SBRC) and get your ‘M” (for scooters only) endorsement. The trick there is that not all schools have scooters for the SBRC. Unfortunately, Learning Curves does not, teach the SBRC at this time.

Q: What if I just want to take the class a second time or as a refresher?
A: You are more than welcome to take the class again, if you would like. It could be a season, starter or just more riding time before you hit the streets. Please call for more info and pricing 414-476-7433.

Q: Do you have more than one location?
A: As of now, We have two locations. Pettit National Ice Center for classroom, WI State Fair Park Parking lot and Mukwonago High School.


Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up online:
Check the schedule page carefully!
Decide what class you would like to take.
Go to the search bar icon and type in the class number you would like. Or Go to the “Sign Up Here!” tab and select the class type and class you would like to take.
You will receive a confirmation of the class you signed up for.

OR you can download and mail in a rider agreement. Click here to download rider agreement.
Check the schedule page carefully! There is a $25.00 rescheduling fee for any change from your original order.
Decide what class you would like to take
(We suggest that you call us to hold your spot, if you are mailing in.)
Download the rider agreement.
Send your completed rider agreement to us with a check or payment information via US mail to:
Learning Curves Motorcycle Safety Inc.
PO Box 14484
West Allis, WI 53214
You will receive a confirmation of the class you signed up for.

Q: What forms of payment do we accept?
A: We take most major credit cards and PayPal as well as checks and cash. With a CC you can sign up online for a check you can mail it in, and for Cash you will have to arrange to pay in person. You MUST reserve a spot in class and have it paid for in full 7 days before your class begins.

Q: If I change my mind can I get my money back? ( What is the refund policy)
A: The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill it’s part of the agreement. Including but not limited to – If the student: A. Misses any part or portion of the required classroom or range time. B. Drops out or is dismissed from class for unsafe/unruly actions. C. Arrives for the range portion of class without required safety gear. D. Misses class for any reason. E. Fails written or riding tests. F. Cancels, 7 days or sooner, before scheduled class. To make a request for a cancellation please email info@iwanttoride.com.

Q: What do I need to do to reschedule my class?
A: There is a $25.00 rescheduling fee to reschedule any class at any time. The fee is applied to each change, from your original sign-up, that is made. To make a request for a change please email info@iwanttoride.com.

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: Check out our get started page here


Q: What do I need to bring to the classroom, the first meeting of the class?
A: All you need to bring to the classroom is a willingness to learn a really cool new hobby/sport. We even supply the pen for notes!

Q: Do I need to own or bring a bike to the class?
A: NO. we provide the motorcycles to ride in our class, no extra charge. (we have the newest bikes in town.)

Q: Does Learning Curves Supply the safety equipment including helmet?
A: We recommend that you bring your own equipment for proper fit and comfort. There are (Bell_®) helmets available for you to use, if needed. You will also NEED full finger gloves, boots that cover your ankles, long pants and long sleeves. We recommend a leather jacket (jacket not required).


Q: What if rains or snows?
A: The class will run rain or shine. The only thing that will keep us from running the class is lightning or Ice on the range.

Q: What if I show up to the riding portion of class without proper riding gear?
A: Unfortunately, unless someone in the class or the school has something for you to use, you will have to reschedule to a different class. (You may find items from the lost and found OR our Bell helmet inventory)

Q: What if I am late or miss a class?
A: Late? The instructor knows, that “stuff happens” and will wait a few minutes. But if you are more than a few minutes late or miss a class, you will need to call us and reschedule your class. (At an added expense to you) The class is structured in such a way that it all has to happen in order and if you miss an exercise you will not be up to speed of the other riders.


Q: When I complete the class, will my insurance company reduce my bike insurance rates?
A: All but a few Insurance Companies will offer a discount of 5-20%. Please see your Insurance Representative for details.

Q: What if I don’t pass?
A: Not all students learn at the same pace. If you are not able to meet the State required evaluations at the end of the class, you are more than welcome to take the class again. There will be a greatly reduced fee for a rider that has taken our course already! Call for more info 414-476-7433.


Q: Is there a State Website to check out more motorcycle license related information?
A: Yes, http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/types/motorcyc.htm

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be glad to help!

Thank you for thinking of Learning Curves Motorcycle Safety for your motorcycle training!

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